Comtech Sponsors Mobile Deployable Communications and Network Centric Warfare Conferences

Posted on January 15, 2019 at 2:15 pm

By Comtech Systems

Comtech Systems is sponsoring both the Mobile Deployable Communications conference in Warsaw and the Network Centric Warfare conference in Rome. With speaking slots at each conference, we will be detailing the new CS67PLUS Troposcatter Radio, which redefines tactical beyond-line-of-sight communications.

For more information regarding these events or Comtech’s business in Europe, contact Scott Smith.

Mobile Deployable Communications – Warsaw, Poland
January 31 – February 1, 2019

SMi’s 12th annual Mobile Deployable Communications conference returns to Warsaw on the 31st January and 1st February 2019.

As data requirements for the modern warfighter continue to grow, there is a clear and present need to analyse the flexibility, interoperability and resilience of CIS systems among allied forces. With additional importance in the face of continued operations within asymmetrical and hybrid conflict zones – as well as near peer adversaries exploiting new electronic warfare technologies – the need to achieve secure communications has never been greater.

With over 120+ attendees, 7 hours of networking and an extensive exhibition space – Mobile Deployable Communications remains the key calendar date for anyone within the radio, LTE and ground segment community.

Network Centric Warfare – Rome, Italy
February 4 – February 5, 2019

SMi is proud to present the 3rd annual Network Centric Warfare conference, taking place in Rome on the 4th and 5th February 2019.

As the 21st Century battlefield becomes increasingly complex and asymmetrical, military forces are striving to harness network technology to gain an operational advantage, transforming traditional linear command structures by linking sensors, unmanned vehicles, command posts, and soldiers on the ground.

Network Centric Warfare allows for greater information sharing and streamlined decision-making, enhancing operational effectiveness. Robust and dynamic networks are therefore now a crucial requirement for successful joint operations, and are essential to modern military capabilities.

This conference will bring together Network Centric Warfare planners, practitioners, and experts for invaluable insight and discussion of an increasingly important topic in the world of defence.