Comtech Systems Implements a 9/80 Work Schedule

Posted on May 2, 2018 at 2:42 pm

By Comtech Systems

Comtech Systems recently implemented a 9/80 work schedule for its employees to provide work schedule flexibility and a better work/life balance.

In a 9/80 work schedule, employees work 80 hours over nine days each two-week period with every other Friday off. It will allow employees to complete personal business that is often difficult on a regular work schedule, provides 3-day weekends, and reduces commute expenses, while preserving their full-time income.

As a result of this new schedule, our office will be closed every other Friday beginning May 4th. We encourage any customers with inquiries or issues to submit a ticket using our new HelpDesk portal. This will ensure that all issues are logged and tracked so that we can handle requests in a timely manner.