Comtech Systems Industries and Capabilities

Advanced Communications for Defense & Commercial Applications

Comtech Systems has over 50 years of proven expertise in design, integration, and testing for a variety of communications networks, including SATCOM, Fiber Optic, Microwave, Troposcatter, and HF/UHF/VHF in both commercial and military environments. Comtech Systems designs, integrates, and deploys customized multi-technology solutions for complex networks. We are a proven provider of turnkey systems for air defense, C4I, and civil infrastructure applications around the globe.

Defense and Security

Comtech Systems troposcatter has become increasingly valuable for both the US and foreign militaries, providing a low OPEX, high data rate alternative for over the horizon communication that fills the gap between satellite communications and line of sight microwave. Comtech also provides customized communications solutions for defense and security customers using a variety of technologies, including Satellite communications, microwave, and HF/VHF/UHF, to name a few.

Oil & Gas

The majority of commercial troposcatter customers are in the energy sector, where troposcatter is used to connect distant sites, such as a shore station to an offshore platform, or two offshore platforms that are too far apart to utilize line of sight communications.


Troposcatter is utilized by telecommunication providers, both as the main backbone and a redundant backup for fiber optic and microwave infrastructure, especially in cases where multiple service areas are separated by difficult terrain, such as chains of island or mountainous regions.

High-Speed Trading

Troposcatter is ideal for applications that require long distance communications links with strict latency tolerances, providing up to 210 Mbps data rates with less than 10 ms of latency.