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Fixed Troposcatter Installations

Commercial grade fixed sites for permanent infrastructure and strategic networks


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High Data Rates

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Long Range

Hardened Strategic Communications

Fixed troposcatter installations allow distant sites to maintain high data rate, low latency communications with a high level of availability. Capable of ranges upwards of 200 km, they can reduce the need for multiple line-of-sight repeater stations, eliminating additional infrastructure and manpower costs.

Fixed troposcatter sites are especially useful in the commercial energy sector as they provide a solid communications link from a shore site to an offshore platform that would otherwise need to rely on satellite communications. Troposcatter installations allow the operator to own the spectrum space being used, avoiding the high recurring cost associated with leasing satellite bandwidth.

For military applications, installing high-powered fixed troposcatter systems at strategic locations can allow militaries to establish high availability backbone networks to ensure critical communications. Fixed troposcatter installations can also act as a terrestrial backup to satellite-based networks to provide redundancy for critical communications.


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