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Transportable Communications Terminal (TCT)

Trailer-mounted troposcatter system for high performance and ease of portability.


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Automatic Link Alignment

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Trailer-Based Ultra-Portable Troposcatter System

The Comtech Transportable Communications Terminal (TCT) is a self-contained troposcatter system designed for rapidly deployable over-the-horizon communications. The TCT is based on the Comtech Transportable Fast Link Antenna (TFLA), and incorporates an entire quad diversity troposcatter terminal using a single automated angle-diversity antenna.

Utilizing this system, a trained two-man crew can achieve set-up and link activation in 45 minutes, providing up to 210 Mbps over-the-horizon communications well beyond the reach of other terrestrial transmission systems.

A variety of options and configurations are available, including single or tandem axles, removable or fixed troposcatter components, and options for on-board generators, UPS, and additional user-defined baseband equipment. Depending upon the specific configuration, the TCT can be towed by a light truck or airlifted via plane or helicopter as required.